Who are you listening to?

Each day we get bombarded with opinions, views and ides. The media, our families, friends, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, work colleagues, experts and sometimes random strangers we encounter during the day are all there, ready to offer a view or insight into a situation for us.

I have noticed in the past how easily I have allowed myself to be “advised” by somebody who I hardly know about something they don’t know very much about. Somehow they have made a comment which has stuck with me and I have given it far more importance than it deserved. I have been swayed by an opinion or a comment and followed a course of action because of it.

When you think about that, it is bonkers!

Obviously there are times when we need to seek advice, ask an expert, get a considered view or professional opinion.

However there are many times when we actually need to know our own mind and follow our own direction. We need to take action because we believe it is the right thing to do. We need to forge a new path and not one that somebody else tells us we should follow. We need to listen to our own heart and follow our own passion.

So your challenge this week is to notice who you are listening to – what advice are you taking from them. And how are you letting this steer where you are going? Challenge yourself – are you following your path and direction or are you letting others steer your path for you?