What are you putting up with?

Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy putting up with things. Tolerating things that bug us either in an immediate and attention seeking way or things that we drag around with us in our daily lives.

It could be a whole variety of things from un-finished projects to relationships that have gone sour. Or not looking after our physical well-being, allowing ourselves to get out of shape. Or a job that really isn’t right for you. Maybe a debt that needs settling?

Every day these things niggle away at you. They put a lid on your whole potential, they dull the brightness of your shine. They take a bit of the spring out of your step.

What I would like you to do this week is to start writing these things down in your note book. Make a list, add to it as things come to mind over the week.

Keep that list handy and keep adding to it over time. Pin in on your wall somewhere you can see it.

Writing these things down doesn’t resolve them but it does help you to bring them into focus and over time you will subconsciously or consciously start working on resolving them. By writing them down they have moved from being “noise in your head” which takes up more time and attention than it needs to, on to something that you will action when you are ready.

Try it, keep that list handy and check back every few weeks to see how many of those things you have managed to start addressing.