To do or not to do

The stop-doing list

Last week I had a fascinating conversation with somebody I met about how busy life is and how overloaded we all are, with information and ever growing to-do lists. It seems that we all have far going on than we can comfortably handle and more information coming at us now than we can sensibly process or make any meaning from. Our to-do lists get longer and we tend to skim read  or not read most of what we are sent amongst the  bombardment of emails, newsletters, blogs, social media etc.

My friend came up with a great idea and that was as well as having a to-to list he wants to have a stop-doing list. A list where he actively selects things he wants to stop doing each day or each week to make some time and space for the things that really do matter. The things that he deems important.

I love this idea. So this week how about experimenting with this. Set up a to do list as you might normally do.  But on the other side of the page set up a stop doing list as well.  See what you can put on there that would really help you focus on what is important for you.

Here are a few suggestions for things that could go onto a stop-doing list :

Watching TV
Using Facebook
Browsing the Internet
Checking emails every half an hour (just check them once a day instead)
Taking somebody for granted
Comfort spending
Eating junk food
What is it that you will stop doing?