The importance of checking in with reality.

I recently posted about how important it is to check your current reality to give you the best chance of achieving your goals and dreams.


Following my recent Threshold Test to ascertain my current fitness and training zones, in preperation for my training for the Etape 2014 I discovered that what I thought were my training zones were actually now way out of date. Due to not being as fit now as thelast time I measured them, my zones were all a bit out. Consequently I had recently been training at too high a level consistently. That explains difficulties I was having with onset of tiredness and lethargy, affecting my next training sessions. The result of working at the wrong level is over-stressing my body, causing potential injury, illness and therefore missing training and ultimately potentially not achieving my goal next year.


The reality is that I currently do not have the level of fitness I assumed I had based on old data. By re-testing myself I now have much better information to train effectively for next year and greatly reduce the risk of injury, overtraining and illness.


By examining my current position, truthfully (it’s hard to admit you are not as fit as you thought you were!) I have a much better chance of success.


So be encouraged, take stock, be truthful with where you are now in your challenge. Don’t kid yourself as you are potentially kidding yourself out of ultimate success. Be realistic and then work with what you know to be true. Then success will be so much easier to achieve.