To start, begin.


I would like to suggest that this simple sentence is one of the most challenging there is.


Let me explain. I have been working for myself for a while now – I guess I am what you could call an entrepreneur now, after many years of working for others. Since setting out on my own I have learnt a huge amount about myself; what I’m good at (which surprised me sometimes) what I am not so good at (also a few surprises there!) and where I just plain avoid doing things that need doing (ahem). Working for yourself, there is nobody else to do those things. So they just don’t get done.


But what I am learning is that there is immense power in beginning.


So many times I have sat there looking at a blank piece of paper or screen thinking that I don’t know where to start that, I don’t know what to write or how to put it. At times like that any little distraction is welcome and I can easily become very interested in something that is actually of little or no consequence.


However I have found that if I actually start and don’t worry about the how, why and what too much but actually just start, then things happen. In fact more often than not they happen a whole lot quicker and easier than I had imagined. I usually find the task that seemed initially so daunting to be nowhere near as bad. Then I look back and wonder why on earth it was so difficult to start.


So from experience now, I start anyway. I find that most times I actually have a pretty good idea of what it was I want to say or write about and that by getting going, I very quickly find my own way. Once underway I find it far easier to keep going too.


So next time you think you don’t know what to write or how to write it, my advice would be, just begin, there is power in beginning.