henry ford self-belief

Self Belief

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”

How insightful he was. The mindset you have steers your path. If you set off on your journey and allow negative thoughts, saboteurs to take the lead, chances are much stronger that you won’t succeed. However the good news is that if you think positively about your challenge or goal you are much more likely to succeed.

Successful people are often the most positive people. They don’t give up when people tell them it is too difficult, not possible, never been done before, not achievable, unlikely to happen. They are the ones that see a bigger picture and approach the challenge with energy and positivity. Subconsciously they will be making decisions based on their positive mindset. They will be talking to people about their dream, using positive language. They will be thinking about their next steps with achieving their goal in mind. Much of this might be subconscious to them but you can practice this skill to and see what a difference it makes.

Henry Ford was one of these people.