Looking for the good in things

Appreciating Autumn

Looking for the good in things

Spring and summer have always been my favourite times of the year. Being a lover of the outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer, but with the added benefit of some warmth and the magnificence of the growth it brings has always been a time of joy and celebration for me. Longer days, more opportunities to be outside, life just feels easier and more natural to me during these times.

So for many years I always felt a certain sadness when autumn approaches and things start to die back. The days get shorter, the leaves and temperature fall. I would find myself savouring the last of the dry trails for mountain biking and bracing myself for the winter ahead.

Autumn is a key time in our year, in our cycle of life. For new things to grow, old things need to die away. But I always felt a bit down when Autumn arrived. It seemed like the good bits of the seasons were being packed away for 6 months until next spring.

But then I learnt how to look at things a bit differently. To look for the positive in something and learn to appreciate what was there rather than focusing on the part I didn’t like. And for me Autumn is a great example of this. I realised that one of the most beautiful times in Autumn is when the watery autumn sunlight paints wonderful colourful scenes, such as the one in the picture here. I learnt to look at this in a whole new way and really enjoy one of natures amazing shows of creativity. This has now become something I look forward to as Autumn approaches.

This is just one example of looking for the good in a situation that you might have not seen before. Autumn has a lot going for it I now know (as does Winter, maybe that will come up in another post!).
So my inquiry of you is where do you need to start looking for the good in something. It may be extremely hard to do, I understand that, but think of a situation, a relationship, a scenario that you are currently involved in that is challenging you and take some time to look for the good in it. To start appreciating something about it.

You might be surprised at what you find!

If you need some help finding your internal appreciator, I’d be delighted if you got in touch with me.