I am what I am (until I’m not!)

I am what I am (until I’m not!)

It is an amazing statement to make, “I am what I am”. It is bold and courageous. It says “accept me for who I am, because that is the true authentic version of me. This is me warts and all and I’m not going to change for anybody else.”


Despite claiming this for themselves and authentically feeling it, I also know that for some people certain situations cause them to be less than they are. Certain situations trigger negative thought processes and reactions in them that cause them to question themselves and their own abilities, their greatness, their self-confidence their very knowing of who they are. Sometimes it is certain people that cause us to react that way or certain situations where we feel exposed or vulnerable. That might be public speaking, tackling certain tasks at one end of the spectrum or being intimate at the other end of the spectrum. And when we are not being who we really are, we feel uncomfortable with ourselves. We become awkward in our own skins. Our behaviour changes. Sometimes we don’t even recognise ourselves. And if we are honest we don’t usually like what we become in those situations. And that is perfectly normal because we are not being our true self. We are a version of ourselves at that point.


But each of us has an inner voice that we can listen to. That inner voice is your true self and can inform you in those moments. Your inner voice knows when you have stopped being who you really are and started becoming a version of yourself, for whatever reason. That inner voice has no ego or judgement of you and can’t lie to you. By learning to listen to your inner voice you can find your true self in those situation. Your inner voice knows you can do what it is you need to. That you have the strength of character to be who you really are. To have the confidence that you had before.

That inner voice helps you connect to your inner power and to own it effectively.


So next time you find yourself being the you that you are not, try looking for that inner voice and listening to what it has to say to you. Try connecting to the inner power and confidence that comes from that place and have the courage to be who you really are and state proudly with utmost confidence “I am what I am.”