Grow your confidence

Becoming a more confident you

Have you ever wondered how those amazingly confident people get to be so confident? Is it a gene they are born with? Did they go to a better school? Maybe they had a perfect upbringing with parents who knew exactly how to encourage, motivate and teach them and give them the best environment to flourish and grow?

Maybe, but maybe not.   The good news is that you can actually teach yourself to be more confident. It takes practice and application but you can do it!   I’m going to share a few hints and tips to help you. Putting them in to practice is up to you!

Dealing with your fears Absolutely everybody, without fail, has fears and doubts and weaknesses, With out exception. The difference that you will notice with confident people is they don’t focus on them. They don’t give them time and energy. Instead they focus on their strengths, what they are good at, where they are strong. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into negative self talk, instead focus on how good you are, where you are strong.

Stop comparing yourself to others You can never be as good as them, because you are not them. Simple. Instead focus on you, what you are contributing, your unique talents and gifts, your insights and wisdom. Nobody else can do this as well as you can. They can never be as good as you, remember that!

Change what you can and let go of what you can’t Take control and make positive change where you are able to. And accept that some things you can’t change. The past is set in stone, but the future is there for you to make and create! How you create your future is your choice and you choose every moment of every day so make positive and confident decisions.

Never say things about yourself that you don’t want to be a reality What you say about yourself will manifest itself. If you tell others you are lacking in confidence, so it will come to pass. They will believe you and treat you that way and you will start to believe it too. So choose your words carefully, speak purposefully and confidentally.

Reflect and Learn Take some time every day to sit back and reflect on what worked well for you, what you might use again next time when that situation arises or how you might improve. Acknowledge and congratulate yourself when you improve and you notice your confidence growing.

Remember the loudest people are not always the most confident people. What you see on the outside might bear no resemblance to what is going on inside!