Fear of failure or fear of success?

Often what holds people back is fear of failure.

Fear of what might happen. Fear of looking foolish. Fear of defeat. So we stay in our comfort zone and play it safe.

But how is playing it safe helping you? How great are you being when you are playing it safe? How much success and reward are you experiencing by playing it safe?

Let’s look at this another way. By not trying in the first place you are denying yourself the opportunity of experiencing the success. You will never know how it might have been, what might have happened, how you might have grown, what the new possibilities could have been and new doors that might have opened.

There is a cost to you there and the alarming thing about that it is potentially that is huge. The cost of failing to take the risk in the first place could far out-weigh the cost of the risk we were trying to avoid. But because we will never know, we feel somehow comfortable to not take the risk.

How about taking the risk next time? Allow yourself to live with the fear of failure, embrace it even, because the rewards could be huge. Really huge!