tour de etape

Etape #3

Etape training progress


So it is now February and I am 3 months into my preparation for the 2014 Etape.

The Etape takes place on 20th July this year and that still seems a long way off!


So here in the UK it has been a pretty wet and windy couple of months. There have been (and still are as I write this) flooding and gales every week and mass disruption to the country. So getting outside and training has been tricky at times. Riding a road bike, on the road with gusts of wind threatening to blow you into the path of other vehicles is a bit alarming but I have managed some great rides recently. I even had to wear my sunglasses yesterday when I was out!


So what am I learning whilst I am training? Well the key thing I have learnt is to make every session count. To give each session 100% attention. The session is in the plan for a reason, to serve your overall training towards your goal. By not giving the session 100% you are not giving your goal 100%. It is not easy to keep focussed on a big goal like the Etape 100% of the time. Motivation drifts, priorities in your life change, other concerns come and go over months of training. But by having a plan, sticking to it and focusing on each session, which IS achievable, you keep moving towards your goal. Progress can sometimes seem slow but trust the plan and commit to each session and the results will come.


And as part of that the bits in between the session also need complete attention. That is stretching, eating and drinking right, resting and sleeping well and recovering properly. If your plan says “Rest day” today, make sure you do. It is there for a very good reason and will serve you in your overall goal. Don’t skimp on the rest. Enjoy it. Same with eating, try and focus on your daily intake. How will that meal serve your goal? Think about the ingredients. Think about the portion size. Be mindful of how you are treating your body. Be good to it and the results will follow.

A big weakness of mine is stretching and rollering. In the past I have neglected this and paid the price. It is all too easy for me to do the same again but I regularly remind myself that the stretching and rollering are as much about success as hours on the bike spinning the wheels.


So what am I learning? Even on a long term goal make each moment towards it count. These small things all add up to overall success.