Decision making

Make better decisions

We all want to make the best decisions in life. Whatever the situation we are encountering we want to know that we are making the decision that will best serve us. So how do we know how to do that?

We make decisions based on the information we have to hand at the time. We weigh up the impact of the decision based on a number of factors, such as environmental impact, emotional impact, economic impact and impact on our needs and wants.

But how do you know you are making a good decision?  There is one key element in making decisions that often gets overlooked. Yet when we ignore that one element it soon makes itself known to us.  That element is our values. Our values make up who we really are. Our values are so strong within us that if we make a decision that is not in line with our values we soon know about it.

Just how powerful are values? Ever had that feeling of instant anger and injustice when somebody pulls out in front of you whilst you are driving.  Or wrongs you in some way and you feel a bubbling sense of injustice? That’s your values letting you know they are there and are being trampled on!

So if you have a value based on integrity and you are forced to lie for some reason then you will most likely feel un-easy about that.

Just think how quickly feelings of guilt, rage, hurt or anger appear at times. Values are incredibly strong and drive us to action and fuel our feelings.

So if you are making decisions that are not in line with your values, you will probably be feeling un-easy about them.

So if you want to make better decisions, decisions that serve YOU better as a person, who you are and what you stand for, get in touch with your values and be conscious about what drives you as a person