Coaching to turns dreams into reality

Dreams and Goals

Dreams are wonderful things. We all have them starting from a very early age. We dream of the things we would like to do, what we would like to become, where would like to go, how we would like our lives to be and who we would like to share them with, partners, spouses & friends.

We have an amazing in-built ability to picture ourselves in places, situations, relationships and careers. Over our lifetime these dreams change, sometimes we achieve them and sometimes we lose sight of them and the gradually drift away out of our consciousness.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your experience, we all have this same ability to dream. It is a gift that we can all enjoy and indulge ourselves in.

But how is it that some people end up realising their dreams. How do they get that dream job, dream house, gold medal, successful business, book published or whatever the dream might be?

Well at some point their dream has become a goal. They have taken their dream and quantified it, described it, documented it and then acted upon it. All the time the dream remains in your head, that is all it will remain is a dream.

As soon as you make it tangible in some way, it becomes a reality. These people share their goals with others, they talk about them, they make plans both consciously and subcinsciously to help them achieve their goal.

So where does coaching come into all this? Well it is the best way I have found of translating a dream into a goal and that goal into success.