I wonder if, like me, you continually feel like you are looking to achieve a better balance in life. A place where everything is just so and you have the right amount of time and attention for the things in your life that you feel need them?


For a long while I would strive to reach balance. I treated balance as a destination. A place I would arrive at one day. A place where things would be in place and would be just so. After a while (ok maybe it was 40 years, I’m a slow learner!) I realised that balance isn’t a destination that we reach. No balance is a journey. It is a journey of continuous adjustments and alterations. We make a correction to try and address the balance and that shifts us somewhere else, where we find we have to adjust balance in another area.


Much like when you try and stand on one leg, without holding on to anything else for support. If you pay attention to the leg and particularly the foot you are standing on you will notice that you are making multiple small adjustments every second to re-address the balance and keep yourself upright. From a distance it may look like you are perfectly balancing but up close the muscles are all working hard correcting and re-correcting to stop you from falling over.


And that is a great metaphor for balance in life. It is a series of corrections and re-corrections that we make regularly to keep us heading towards balance. We are never actually in balance at any one time. We are either moving towards it or away from it.


So the key to balance is noticing what needs to be adjusted to move back towards balance and keep working on that, knowing that you can never be “in balance” but can always be moving towards it.


What is it you need to shift to move towards balance?