Back at work?

Most of us will have been back at work a few days into the New Year by now.

How has it been for you? Have you returned to your work with enthusiasm and been fired up by the challenges that face you? What has your experience been this first few days of the New Year?

Maybe some people returned to work fired up and enthusiastic initially only find themselves feeling beaten down after only a few days.

Not everybody will have returned to work with a spring in their step. For some I suspect there was a sense of dread returning after a holiday break.

If after a few days back you are already thinking you need to change jobs, that you will never be happy in this team, or role or organisation, and that you need to find something better suited to you, your skills, something that matches your expectations better then read on.

Changing jobs takes a lot of time and energy and who knows, no matter how well you do your homework there may also be a few surprises for you in your new role that you had not anticipated.

So, before you do anything, think about what it is that is driving your desire to change. Take a step back and really examine your motives for wanting to make a change.

Think about these questions

  • What is it about your current job that is driving your desire to change?
  • If you were to change your perspective and look at the value for you in your current role, what would you find?
  • What can you take responsibility for improving in your current situation?
  • When are you at your absolute best? What are you doing? What skills are you using?
  • How does that match up with your current role? How often do you get to be your best?
  • If you were to find the perfect role, what would your day look like?
  • If you fast forward 5 years from now and take the opportunity to look back from that view point, what action do you think you should take that would serve to you best today?

Sometimes changing roles is what we need. But some of you might be in the right role, just that a few things need tweaking and addressing.

If you are looking to make a change, I’d encourage you to work with a coach or career counsellor to better understand what would bring you fulfilment in work, to make conscious choices based on what aligns with your personal and professional purpose as opposed to making a change by reacting against your current situation.

Understanding your values, your drivers and your purpose can help point you towards fulfilling and engaging work. Who knows, you may even be in it already but just need to tweak a few things to realise it. Coaching can help you understand your drivers better to lead to clearer, conscious choices that ultimately can lead to a far more fulfilling career.