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Mindfulness, more than just a trendy pastime?

Mindfulness gets a lot of press coverage these days. Lots of people seem to do it. Large organisations promote it. Occupational Health practitioners recommend it. You can get apps for your smart phone to guide you and remind you. These days it seems Mindfulness is pretty trendy. So is it worth your time and attention? […]

Have you heard yourself lately?

Have listened to yourself lately. Have you heard the way you talk to yourself?   Why do I ask? Well because we believe the things we are told by others. We are flooded with messages from colleagues, friends, family, the media and it shapes how we see ourselves. Sometimes it is good, if somebody praises […]


The power of curiosity I want to share with you one great way of shifting your perspective. If you are stuck in a particular way of looking at things, or in an experience that you want to shift in some way I want to introduce to you a great friend of yours, curiosity.   Being […]

Leadership. And bikes?

What is leadership? Is it a role? Is it a job title? Is it something we do? Or something we are?   We make up all sorts of unhelpful stories about what leadership is and who it is for. The very word leadership is somewhat charged. Some people aspire to leadership. Some people are nominated […]

Decisions, decisions!

We’ve all been there. A tough choice to make. A decision we keep putting off because we are struggling to know which path to choose. Or we are fearful of the consequences if we make a certain choice. It can cause us to become really stuck. It can paralyse us. Or worse still we can […]

The pursuit of happiness

Ever catch yourself saying this? “I’ll be happy when …..” and fill in your own blank. Could be when you meet your life partner, or get that promotion, or have a certain amount of money or complete a goal. But so very often when we get those things, happiness is short lived and we start […]

The letting go of things

I want you to picture yourself with a ruck sack on. You walk through your life with that ruck sack on. In the beginning it is light and easy to carry. But every time you treat yourself badly, or allow somebody else to treat you badly., you toss a pebble into that rucksack. One pebble doesn’t […]

Your biggest lie?

When coaching clients I often come across the scenario where people are lying to themselves. And it can be amazingly sneaky and powerful too. Often the lie is so well rehearsed and in-grained it seems like the truth. Even more so when society and peer pressure around us seems to be agreeing and supporting the […]

The length AND the breadth

The length AND the breadth These days I am increasingly aware of my own mortality and an increased sense of urgency to fully experience the things I want to in the precious and limited time I have. This year has started off with a number of high profile celebrities passing away. Interestingly I have noticed […]

Feel like you are not good enough?

Then read on….. Do you have one of those voices inside your head that tells you something like this? “You are not good enough” “You are a fraud, what if they find you out” “You don’t deserve it” “You will never change” “You are too old” “You can’t do it” “I’m too shy” “I’m not […]