Always another time?

There will always be another time

How many times have you said that to yourself? There in front of you is a great opportunity and you are telling yourself you are too busy, you are not ready, or whatever the lie is you are telling yourself and you conclude it by saying “next time” or “there will always be another time”?


Sure there might be. Be there also might not be. What if the opportunity does not present itself again? You would have missed out due to a story you have told yourself – that there will be a next time.


Success occurs due to a mixture of hard work and opportunities presenting themselves and people taking those opportunities. It seldom feels “safe” or “comfortable” but great things don’t come from places like “safe” and “comfortable”. They never have and they are not going to start doing so any time soon.


And if you are waiting to be ready, well you will have a long, long wait. Nobody ever feels ready. If you waited until you felt ready you would never get going!


So next time an opportunity presents itself to you think about what might happen if you do take it rather than all the reasons that you can’t take it. What could you lose if you “Wait for next time?”