9 months on

9 months on!

I just realised it is now exactly 9 months since I left the BBC and set off to start my own business. And what an adventure it has been! Each day has fresh challenges, new learnings, sometimes feeling stuck in the fog and sometimes seeing a very clear direction ahead of me.


25 years at the BBC was an incredibly rich experience. Being involved in an organisation for that length of time, it starts to get into your very bones. I have a lot to be grateful for regarding my experiences and journey with the best broadcaster of the world.


But I am so pleased to have left. Don’t get me wrong I love all the BBC stands for, the quality of what happens there, the creativity, the opportunities and challenges and the people you meet. However when I look back over the last nine months I barely recognise myself as the same person. I have grown and changed in so many areas, acquired so many more skills and met some incredible people and experienced some life changing things. Life has been quite literally transformed for me.


I left the BBC to learn to become a coach. That was my aim and I have accomplished that. Every day I grow as a coach. I stretch myself, grow myself, make myself more vulnerable, dig deeper to understand myself, the journey of self-discovery is revealing itself to me in every moment of every day.


But more than that in becoming self-employed I have learnt so much more. The single biggest most wonderful surprise to me has been how creative you need to be to run your own business. I had no idea how creative and resourceful I could be when I needed to be. I have quite literally pushed my comfort zone well beyond what I thought was possible. I have stretched myself in places I thought I could never go. I have called on inner strengths I did not know I had. I have clung on as I rode a roller coaster and found out that I really enjoyed the ride.


What I have discovered is the range of possibilities and emotions around surviving in a world on my own. Standing on my own two feet. I have discovered Aliveness. And there is no going back. Had I stayed at the BBC I would never have felt so alive. And that is why I am so glad that I left.